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What does ‘Fair’ mean?

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What does ‘Fair’ mean?

Fair means no contracts. No hidden fees. No sudden spikes in price. No caps, and Internet service that is never throttled.

Fair means 24/7 customer support that answers questions honestly and transparently, rather than misleads you or fails to resolve your concerns.

Fair means helping you switch, and future-proofing your home with 1Gbps fibre optic capability that serves all your Internet and entertainment requirements.

Why do we Rally?

People Rally for fairness and freedom. When two giant corporations try to monopolize your choice, the consumer loses every time. That’s why Rally’s lightning-fast 1Gbps fibre optic network is helping make us the quickest-growing small broadband company in Canada.

Rally is in our home and your home; Toronto-based, and diverse as Canada. We serve a rapidly-expanding list of condominium residents across the nation who have chosen real choice and fairness for all their Internet and streaming needs.

In both new condo projects and older buildings upgrading their services, Rally comes home.

Rally has more than 15 years experience serving Canadian landmark residential towers and with leading-edge broadband solutions. As technology constantly continues to evolve, Rally comes home with unlimited fast, fair, fibre optic Internet, IPTV and VOIP phones.