Rally Values
We're not your typical telecommunications company.
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Rally: It’s a new era of FAIR.

Wherever you live, work or stay.

Freedom of choice, fair pricing and reliable service.
Rally is bringing people together to take telecommunications to the next level.

Rally Values Choice alternative ISP
Give Choice

The big guys dominate the market but consumers deserve choice. Rally is not a reseller; we own our own network and never cap or throttle our speeds, or charge any overages.

Senior Care
Deliver Fair

It’s not just a promise, it’s a guarantee.
Rally stands for fair in an industry where it’s not the norm. No fine print or price hikes.
We raise the bar, not your rates.

Rally Values Customer Service
Customer Care

You’re a person, and we’ll treat you like family. Our team will always take the time and care to ensure you’re getting not only the best service, but the best customer experience in the industry.

Rally for good. Rally for change.

The Rally Team values being a part of our community and take our role to heart – not only by providing an essential service to our customers – but also living up to our name and rallying together to support our neighbours.

Rally Pride. Rally for Good.

Learning & Growth

Rally believes in fostering a learning culture where team members are encouraged to gain valuable knowledge and skills and profit from the expertise of other team members.
Whether by tagging along through mentorship or pitching in to help out and learning other areas of the business, there is always room for growth in the Rally Team.

Rally Together.

Rally Is Changing The Game.

We don't think outside the box, we think like there is no box.
Canadians pay the among highest telecom rates in the world, and they know it.
A disruptive brand born out of the need to shake up the telecommunications industry in Canada, Rally invites consumers to take back the Internet and stop paying for overpriced, underdelivered Internet services.

We Support Net Neutrality.

We take your privacy and security seriously, while keeping your Internet access open and FAIR.

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