The Fastest Wi-Fi: Meet the Nokia WiFi Beacon

Unlimited Internet + Unstoppable Wi-Fi, create or extend a Nokia WiFi mesh network.

After we run our independent fibre directly to the modem installed in your suite, the Nokia WiFi Beacon does the heavy lifting by delivering our unlimited gigabit speeds. The intelligent channel selection ensures that at each moment, the optimal Wi-Fi channel is selected, avoiding any Wi-Fi glitches, giving you fast, reliable Wi-Fi with simple, app-based setup and management.

Nokia WiFi Beacon 1.1
Our Unlimited Fibre Internet plans come with one Nokia fibre modem and WiFi Beacon included!
Nokia technology is currently available in locations where technology permits. As we continue to upgrade our network infrastructure, more locations will become available.
Please speak to a representative about device options for your building.

Unlimited Usage
Symmetrical Speeds Of Up To
1000Mbps Download AND Upload!


Optical Network Terminal (ONT)
Fibre-To-The-Home (FTTH)
Premium Gigabit Service


Ultra Fast Wi-Fi
throughout your suite.
Connect multiple devices.


Surf, Stream, IPTV, Gaming,
Work From Home, Smart Home.
Safe & Reliable Service

Rally Wifi Coverage Nokia Beacon
Whole Home Coverage

Nokia WiFi creates a fast, seamless Wi-Fi network throughout your home.

Unlike a traditional router which can leave some rooms out of reach, the Nokia WiFi Beacon can each every inch of your home by creating a powerful mesh network, eliminating dead zones or those areas prone to greater external interference.

One beacon can cover approximately 1,500 square feet, but you can use up to 3 units in a single network to cover a larger area.


Unstoppable Wi-Fi

Future-proof your condo with 1Gbps fibre optic capability that serves all your Internet and entertainment needs! The Nokia WiFi Beacon provides concurrent dual band Wi-Fi and enables triple play services with voice, video and data. When no dedicated gateway is in the network, the Nokia WiFi Beacon will take the role of wireless router with access to the broadband network.

Self-healing, self-optimizing network

Creates a seamless Wi-Fi network throughout

Fast, reliable and secure Wi-Fi

Simple, app-based setup and management

Stay In Control

The Nokia WiFi mobile app is packed with useful features, from analytics to parental control.


The mobile app ensures that the network is quick to set up, and simple to manage.

Download from the iOS App Store
Download Nokia from the Google Play Store

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