Looking for a new Internet Provider?
Don't see your building?
Be A Rally Champ!
In order to install our independent fibre network in your building, we need permission from your Condo Board or Building Owner to pull fibre to the site and gain access to your telecom room.
As a resident, you can help us by starting the conversation!
Rally your neighbours and you'll get
when Rally goes live in your building!

Why Can't I Just Sign Up?

We build, own, and operate our independent network and pull directly to your suite so we can provide you with the very best Internet services possible. We don't use or rent someone else's lines, so the first step is getting in front of your Condo Board to get permission to do a technical assessment and gain access the telecom room - it's harder to ignore if the residents are the ones asking for ISP CHOICE.

Make some noise! Rally your neighbours, get together, call & email the Property Manager and Condo Board or speak up at the AGM and as our thanks for helping us expand into your building, you'll get a year of FREE Internet when we go live!

Who should we talk to? Please provide as much information as you can so we can get in touch too!