How do Gigabit Speeds Work?
From our network to your modem, we send you the full maximum speed you sign up for... think of it as your ceiling. Within your walls, how you use the Internet, the capability & number of devices connecting will all affect your actual speeds. (Note: Hardwired is always faster than Wi-Fi.)
When connected to the Internet, most devices today can only reach up to 1Gbps. The actual speed you experience will depend on your device capabilities, and number of devices connected at the same time. With higher speeds, you can have multiple devices connecting at faster speeds simultaneously.
For example: Let's say you have 5 devices that can reach up to 1Gbps on their own. With 1Gbps speed, they are all sharing the same gigabit of bandwidth, but with 5Gbps, each device could reach up to 1Gbps individually!

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