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Get your building future-proofed.

With Rally High-Speed Internet In Your Building.

Rally for Building Owners.

We can future-proof your REIT.

Stuck trying to find the right service provider to connect your residential building, warehouse, factory or retail space? Rally is your number one option for installing network infrastructure and connecting all aspects of your REIT together.


Whether you own a hotel, an office, an e-commerce fulfillment center or a healthcare REIT, we can facilitate the best setup for you.

Building Owners: Rally for your residents, talk to us about solutions for your buildings

Prepping REITs for the Future.

Rally can begin installation of the Fibre backbone as soon as the
technical assessment is complete and we have the data required to begin wiring.

Technical Assessment

We assess the technical needs of the building and prepare a customized deployment plan.

Link Installation

Once the link is ordered, we will have the date when the building deployment can begin.


Fibre infrastructure deployment takes approximately two to three weeks, on average.

Quality Testing

We will confirm that the network installed is running up to a basic standard of quality.

The Rally Difference

Future-proofing your REIT with 1Gbps fibre optic capability that will serve all of your clients’ internet and entertainment needs.


The infrastructure and hardware we deploy is built to last, ensuring the satisfaction of property managers and their residents for years to come paired with our best-in-class 24/7 remote support team.


1Gbps fibre infrastructure

CRTC Licensed

Built to last

It Takes All Kinds

Rally is aware that there are multiple variations of REITs on the market in Canada, and we can meet any network needs they have.


In warehouses, offices, hotels, and retail environments, Rally Fibre infrastructure turns any building into a future-proof hub. Our highly specialized team will walk you through the steps to get Rally Fibre in your REIT today!


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