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In our home and yours; Rally is a Toronto-based technology company and as diverse as Canada.

Who are you guys?

We get that a lot. We’re so busy beating the competition that we forgot to buy a stadium* to put our name on. Let’s change that.

Meet the best Internet company you’ve never heard of.

(*Please contact us with stadium opportunities.)

We’re bringing together
a diverse team of experts.

Get to know the Rally team.


Paul G. Smith

Chairman + Chief Executive Officer

Over his career, Paul has held the positions of CFO, CEO, director and Chairman, is a director of several companies and – before joining the private sector – served as Executive Assistant to the Prime Minister of Canada. Paul has been leading the Rally team to new heights since 2015.


Larry Baldachin

Senior Vice President + Chief Operating Officer

Over the course of his career, Larry has held a variety of senior roles in both the Information Technology and Telecommunications sectors with executive positions at Compugen Inc., Dell Inc., Rogers (!) Communications Inc. in addition to the work that he did at the University Health Network as the organization’s head of commercial strategy, facilities, finance and capital strategy.


Larry is always eager to talk and gain insight from the real-world experience and feedback from our customers to do better – and to drive his passion for growing businesses that are committed to serve them.


Mark Rausa

Chief Technology Officer

Our CTO Mark just joined Rally and previously held senior executive positions at both Bell and Rogers. Over his long career he’s led a wide range of network teams from development to field operations and everything in between.


Jacky Hill

Chief Customer Officer

Jacky’s always got a lot on the go – and she wouldn’t have it any other way! An award winning sales and marketing executive who has run a national company or two, sat on a couple of boards and has decades of Sales, Marketing & Leadership experience, Jacky joined the Rally team in 2017 to breathe new life into a brand no one knew. Through her innovative ideas, now everyone is talking about us.


Richard Gareau

Vice President, Finance

Richard is a CPA with experience in industry and entrepreneurship. He has held a variety of financial and non-financial roles over his career but he has predominately led IT Finance teams. ​Cha-ching!


Lloyd Richards

Director of Operations

Lloyd keeps us up and running with his extensive background as an IT specialist at businesses including KPMG and Microsoft, he has more than 15 years leading teams of IT professionals to provide our clients with the highest standard of service, on time and on budget.



Chief Spirit Officer

Always telling it like it is, Frank came on board in the summer of 2018 and has seen the company through many events and team spirit activities ever since. From in-lobby marketing to office potlucks, they have been the cornerstone of Rally’s team spirit, keeping us honest and embodying the cheeky yet reliable attitude we hold so dear.


Together we’re connecting Canadians from coast to coast.

Because it’s not about us, it’s about you.

Rally has more than 15 years experience serving Canadians with leading-edge broadband solutions.


We own our own network and are fully licensed by the CRTC.


We believe in providing all Canadians with choice and superior service because to us, you’re not just a customer, you’re a part of our community, our neighbours and our friends – and that’s how you deserve to be treated.

We’ll never stop fighting for you.

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