Frontline 360 Inc. (FRONTLINE) Service includes an Equipment fee for the set-top box and an optical network terminal (ONT). A shipping fee applies for delivery of the equipment.

15-Day Money Back Guarantee
FRONTLINE includes a 15-day money back guarantee. If the Client for any reason chooses to cancel the Service within 15 days of ordering, FRONTLINE will provide a refund for the cost of the equipment purchased and the cost of service. The Client has 15 calendar days after cancellation to return equipment or a penalty will apply. See penalty section for further details

Replacement of Malfunctioning Equipment
Should FRONTLINE determine that the provided equipment is failing to function correctly, while still covered under manufacturer warranty, it will replace the equipment as deemed necessary at no additional cost to the customer.

FRONTLINE will ship replacement device(s) and the Client is expected to return failed device(s) within 15 days with the provided pre-paid return labels. Failure to return the failed device(s) will result in charges being applied to your account for the new device(s) received by the Client.

Should the equipment returned have been damaged through misuse or neglect, (example, having signs of being exposed to water, excessive heat or other physical abuse), charges may be assessed to cover the replacement.

Clients Needing Replacement Device(s) [for device(s) sold prior to current offer]
Clients who need a replacement for equipment previously provided by FRONTLINE , which is now beyond the manufacturer’s warranty period may choose to purchase new FRONTLINE Equipment.

Equipment Return Policy
All equipment must be returned within 15 days of cancellation or your account will automatically be charged. If modem and set-top box arrive after the 15 days return window, but prior to 30 days, these charges will be reversed. After 30 days, returns will not be accepted.

Clients will be issued an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) during cancellation, and this RMA number must be included with the shipment to assure tracking. FRONTLINE will email authorization and customer is to include the RMA with returned equipment for identification.

The Client may send back modem and set-top box by any shipping means that will not damage the device(s). The Client is responsible for any delay or damage to device(s) due to packaging; Clients are required to ship in original box. FRONTLINE will provide a shipping label, at cost.

Clients may also drop off FRONTLINE Equipment (see address below).

Device return address:
225 Richmond Street West, Suite 201
Toronto, Ontario
M5V 1W2

Legal Disclaimer
FRONTLINE reserves the right to reject equipment returns that do not comply with the Return Policy.


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