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Channel control features, including the duration and availability of Catchup TV is at the discretion of channel & content providers and is not permitted on all channels or all types of programming. Buttons will only be visible where available.

Greater Toronto Area


Torrono? Tarranah? The Big Smoke, TDot, the 6ix... However you say it, Toronto is where we call home.
(Maybe we’ll win the cup this year? Hey, it could happen.)


Southern Ontario


If you’re down towards the London or Windsor area, you’ll get most of the same channels as Toronto, with a few regional changes for your locals.


Northern Ontario


 Local channels here range from Ottawa/Gatineau to Sudbury & Peterborough and everything in between.




Bonjour à la belle province! Nous avons beaucoup de chaînes spécialisées ainsi que des réseaux de Montréal juste pour vous!


Southern Alberta


Local channels from Stampede City serving Calgary and surrounding area.


Northern Alberta


The Gateway to the North, enjoy local channels from Edmonton and the West Coast.


British Columbia


We’ve got all the same great content out there with some West Coast specialities, but what’s a time shift here is just… time for you, right?


Specialty News Channels


All lineups include must-carry local networks, as well as Canadian content & information channels, but if you’re looking for even more News, you’ve come to the right place.



Did you see that play last night?! Keep up with all your favourite teams – but please note that any “out-of-market” regional NHL game blackouts are at the discretion of the leagues. (Sorry.)

Movies & Series


From the hottest series and movie events on Crave & HBO to tried and true oldies that are worth another watch.

Kids Zone


Need to keep the littles entertained? Put your feet up, we’ve got this. They can even go back and rewatch the same episode over and over and over…

Stingray Music


Because sometimes, you just gotta dance like no one is watching, we’ve included 60 Stingray music channels in all PEAK packages in every region.



Just want to add individual channels? A BASE TV package is required (it’s a regulatory thing) but from there, you can add only the channels you want. Note: Some premium channels (Sportsnet, TSN, Crave, HBO) are not permitted to be sold individually and come as a bundle or theme pack.

U-Pick channels are priced monthly, plus applicable taxes. 

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