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Rally partners with SmartONE Solutions Inc. 

Digital disruptors offer affordable, next-level connectivity to multi-residential communities in Western Canada.


Rally and SmartONE have partnered to offer multi-residential builders, owners and managers in Western Canada the opportunity to put the power of an independent telecommunication network—and the latest in community safety and security—into the hands of their residents.


By combining Rally’s home phone, TV and high-speed Internet offerings and SmartONE’s smart community solution into one, consumers reap all the benefits—a fast, reliable fibre-optic network that’s optimized to support smart technology in high-rise buildings, student residences and long-term care communities. 


“SmartONE connects residents inside and outside of their suites by taking community connectivity to the next level,” said Paul G. Smith Rally’s Chairman and CEO. “And all of this is delivered through Rally’s hard-wired, high-speed telecommunications network, which also includes Internet, TV, and home phone. Together we support the needs of families, seniors, and singles using the latest integrated technologies that allow for seamless community and suite-level connectivity.”


This holistic approach between two independent companies, who both champion a consumer-first approach, is transforming the way telecom and Smart community services are being integrated and delivered. 


“The value of Rally’s hard-wired, high-speed infrastructure allows SmartONE to build out our technology very effectively. Even if your smart phone dies, hard-wired connectivity allows for in-suite panel control, which is a key differentiator. Once deployed in a community, the system will work indefinitely and reliably with no external dependencies.” Said Ted Maulucci, SmartONE’s President.


Rally’s products include high-speed, fibre-optic Internet service delivering up to up to 1 gigabyte (1000 Mbps up and down!) VoIP home phone, plus it is licensed by the CRTC with hundreds of customizable HD IPTV channels to choose from.


A SmartONE community provides full smart home capability and connects those homes together into a community. This approach allows for the creation of a company-branded product that can include everything from concierge services and common-area bookings, to lobby entry and parking access solutions via phone app, fob and control panel technology. It also offers revenue-sharing opportunities for in-demand services such as shared electric vehicles, pay-per-use EV stations and fractional ownership storage options. 


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Rally brings people together by offering fair, flexible and affordable TV, home phone and internet options to multi-residential customers. As national network provider with 20 years’ experience in 10 provinces, Rally is rapidly expanding its integrated technologies which are based on the company’s independent, fibre-optic network.   



SmartONE Solutions

About SmartONE

Creating smart homes in multi-residential communities is the sole focus of SmartONE. By extending each resident’s community beyond their unit, SmartONE creates Smart Communities so everyone, from managers, visitors and residents, benefits from technologies that allow for convenient living and a safe and secure living environment.