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Cyber Security
& Consulting
Rally gives you executive level experience without the fixed costs.

Get the best Cybersecurity for your business.

Cyber Security

Feel vulnerable? We’ll keep you safe. As cyber-attacks continue to evolve, you need to have the right solution to protect your business. Rally’s cyber security experts will work with you to find your weak spots and protect your business. Don’t mess with the best.

Vulnerability Assessment

E-Threat Service

Email phishing campaign

Deep Penetration Test

Cyber Security Training

Network & Firewall Audits

Customized Best Practices and Policy & Procedures Manuals

Cybersecurity email phishing campaigns and remote monitoring

Strategic IT Consulting

Rally will work with you to define and design strategies to grow your business, then let us take care of all the dirty work by managing your vendors, IT budget and even help you meet your regulatory requirements and policies.


As your dedicated partner, Rally will help you make the right moves.

Project Management

Rally has vast experience in planning and executing projects from small to large.

Our time-tested methodology ensures your projects are completed on time, on budget and according to your needs.

Solution Design

What you want, we got it. What you need, Rally will custom-design just for you – but we’re not going to sell you a bunch of services just because they’re part of the package. We’ve got bells and whistles too, but only if you’re into that sort of thing. It’s up to you, we don’t judge. 


Just think of us as part of the team.

Custom solutions to suit your needs.


Since we’re all about connections, we’ll hook you up with ours for phones, servers, network devices and anything else you need. We’ll even install and set them up.